DAML PI meeting agenda

From: mgreaves (mgreaves@darpa.mil)
Date: 05/18/04

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    Here is the agenda for next week's DAML PI meeting in New York City.  I
    apologize for its relative lateness; the limited time available for this
    meeting (2 days) made scheduling all the things that I wanted to get in
    fairly tricky.  Some notes on the schedule:
    1.  This agenda is still subject to last minute tuning.  In particular,
    there are a couple of requested presentations that I would still like to
    get in if I can find the slots.  Please email me if you want to have a
    present to the group, with your presentation subject and approximate
    time length, and I'll see if I can squeeze it in.
    2.  I have allocated time for a set of very quick (15 minute)
    presentations from most of the current DAML performers.  We didn't have
    this during the last PI meeting because I couldn't find a sufficiently
    large block of time, but I really wanted to do it this time.  These are
    designed to be a place where you can update your colleagues on your
    project.  The precise format is up to you, but you should at least
    specifically address the following areas:
    	a.  Overview of the goals and deliverables of your 2004 project
    	b.  Current functionality and IP status with respect to your
    	c.  Will your software deliverables be on SemWebCentral?  When?
    	d.  What are your plans to wrap up and finish (projected status
    at end of 2004)?
    Also, I will instruct Jack to be strict about the clock.  If we are
    going to have a hope of finishing it is very important that you stay to
    15 minutes.  To speed up the transition between presentations, we will
    run the briefings off of a USB memory stick.
    3.  There are four targeted presentations centered around the themes I
    mentioned at the last PI meeting: OWL (by MIT), Tools (by BBN), Services
    (by the DAML/S Coalition), and Rules (by the DAML members of the Joint
    Committee).  The purpose of these is to explain and review the
    accomplishments of the last 6 months and preview the goals and
    strategies for the next 6 months.
    4.  I have purposely held a slot on the second day for three parallel
    working groups, in the areas of Service, Rules, and Software (Tools).
    The purpose of the Services and Rules WGs is to provide a final
    dedicated face-to-face meeting/coordination time before we scatter back
    to our home institutions.  The Software WG is designed so that those of
    you who want to place your tools on SemWebCentral can discuss any issues
    with the developers.  In each case, I am asking for brief (>10 min)
    outbriefs by the WG chair.
    5.  Many of you have noticed that Ron Brachman, the director of DARPA's
    IPTO office and all-around KR god, has registered for the PI meeting.
    Unfortunately Ron has just informed me that he will be unable to make it
    to our meeting, so you will have to travel out to DARPA to pitch your
    new program ideas to him.  This also means that I will have to be
    somewhat more circumspect than I had planned to be about my efforts
    inside DARPA to create a new program around the development of semantic
    web services and rules technology.
    Thanks, and I'll see you in New York,
    Dr. Mark Greaves
    3701 N. Fairfax Drive
    Arlington, VA   22203
    (703) 526-6623   (voice)
    (703) 741-7800   (fax)
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