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Date: 02/25/04

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                        PLEASE PROVIDE AN ACCOUNT FOR US$35.5M
     Dear Friend,
    My name is Dr. Mawule Chisom, I am the director in charge of INTERNATIONAL REMIT.DEPT. of AFRICAN  DEVELOPEMENT BANK LOME TOGO IN WEST AFRICA With due respect and regards, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction.
    During our investigation and auditing in this bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased customer of this bank  (Hakim Mohamed Nabawia) who died in the plane crash of 31 october 1999 [with Egyptian airline 990] with  other
    passengers aboard.
    Since the demise of Mr. Hakim Mohamed Nabawia, I personally have watched with keen interest to see the next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his funds of US$35.5M  (Thirty five million Five hundred thousand united states dollars).
    This money has been with our bank here for a very long time. On this note I decided to seek for a foreigner whose name shall be used as the Next Of Kin, as no one has come up to put claim as the next of kin to the deceased and claim this funds, and the banking ethics here does not allow such money to stay more than four years, because after four years the money will be forfeited to the banks treasury account as unclaimed deposit.
    In view of this, I got your contact from the internet after I've made up my mind to look for a next of kin to the late Mr. Hakim Mohamed Nabawia to this Bank so that I will use my authority here and get all the required transfer approval and transfer this fund Mr. Hakim Mohamed Nabawia left behind into the account that you will provide.
    The request of a foreigner as a next of kin in this business is because of the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Togolaise here cannot stand  as the next of kin to a foreigner. I agree to offer  you 30% of this money for providing an account where this money will be transfered into and for your input/efforts, while 5% of the total fund will set aside for any expenses that might be arise in the process of the transfer and the rest (65%) will be for me.
    Thereafter I will visit your country for sharing according to percentages stated above as I am
    almost due for retirement. For the immediate transfer of this fund into your account, you have to apply first to the bank as the next of kin to the deceased (Mr. Hakim Mohamed Nabawia) stating the account detail where you would like the money to be re-transfered into.
    I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is RISKY FREE and that you should not entertain any fear as the whole required arrangement has been perfected for the transfer, and secondly your physical prsence is not needed.
    Please get back to me for details and clarification.
    Hopping to hear from you,
    God bless you.

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