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From: mgreaves (
Date: 02/02/04

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    To the DAML Community:
    At the October DAML PI meeting in Florida, I spoke about my commitment to
    open source software, and to upgrading the current web site at
    which our software is made available to the world.  The initial fruits of
    this project are now available at a new web site, Semantic Web Central,
    < <> >.  This web
    site will not replace the current program-specific website, but it
    will complement by providing a professional, easy-to-use, and
    richly detailed open source site, with all the bells and whistles demanded
    by modern software engineering practice.  SemWebCentral is designed to live
    on after the DAML program funding ends, and continue on as a dedicated
    resource for the semantic web community.  Some goals:
    1.  SemWebCentral will provide information, training and support aimed at
    evolution, adoption and transition of emerging Semantic Web practices and
    2.  SemWebCentral will serve Semantic Web researchers and developers by
    providing host support for their projects, as well as useful tools,
    applications, and code examples.  
    3.  Finally, unlike many other open source sites, SemWebCentral will
    specifically support interested nondevelopers -- people who are not
    concerned with code details, but just want to start downloading tools and
    stringing them together to try out the semantic web.
    SemWebCentral is here to support you!  Please visit the site and have a look
    around, and consider hosting your current semantic web projects on
    SemWebCentral.  We welcome feedback on the current site content, as well as
    recommendations on what we could do to improve its utility.  This is version
    1 of the website, and I hope to see many subsequent versions as the site
    evolves to meet the needs of real users.  
    Dr. Mark Greaves
    3701 N. Fairfax Drive
    Arlington, VA   22203
    (703) 526-6623   (voice)
    (703) 741-7800   (fax)

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