DAML PI Meeting - South Seas Resort Trolley Service

From: jhoward(contr-ixo) (jhoward@snap.org)
Date: 10/14/03

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    For all PI Meeting attendees,
    Because there is a relatively long distance between the guest rooms we will
    have at the South Seas Resort (in the Harbourside Village at the north end)
    and the meeting rooms (in the south end), some people have asked about
    shuttle service within the resort.  The South Seas Resort operates a trolley
    service which makes stops all around the resort.  The trolley service runs
    from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM every day, and a trolley comes by each stop every 15
    minutes.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to go from the north end to the south
    On the morning of the first day of the meeting (Thursday), we have arranged
    for special "express" trolley service.  A trolley will leave the north end
    (outside the Harbourside stop) at 7:00 AM and another at 7:30 AM and go
    directly to the meeting facility.  If you anticipate returning to your room
    during the day, you may want to drive to the meeting facility instead.
    There is ample parking at the facility.
    If there is enough participation in the express service, we will consider
    running it Friday and Saturday mornings as well.
    Please contact Carole Eberle (Conference Coordinators) or me if you have any
    questions regarding the trolley service or any other aspect of the meeting.
    John J. Howard, IXO SETA
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