Special Track on AI and the Web at FLAIRS 2004

From: Jeff Heflin (heflin@cse.lehigh.edu)
Date: 09/11/03

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    The 17th International FLAIRS Conference
    Special Track on AI and the Web
    The Palms South Beach Hotel
    Miami Beach, Florida
    May 17-19, 2004
    Call for Papers
    The World Wide Web has made a wealth of digital information available
    on demand, impacting AI in two ways. First, it allows traditional AI
    techniques to be evaluated with large amounts of real-world data. This
    introduces complexities not found in toy problems, while at the same
    time avoiding many of the difficulties inherent in the physical world.
    As such, the Web makes for a good testbed for AI researchers. Second,
    the Web proposes new problems and challenges for AI. The sheer size and
    distributed nature of the Web has fueled novel research in extracting
    information from Web pages, efficiently integrating information from
    distributed sources, and extending the Web with ontologies to enable
    the Semantic Web.
    The focus of this special track is on what the Web can do for AI
    research and what AI research can do for the Web. Relevant topics
    include, but are not limited to:
    - Information extraction
    - Information integration
    - Intelligent Web search
    - Intelligent Web services
    - Machine learning for classifying Web documents
    - NLP for understanding Web documents
    - Question answering from Web documents
    - Semantic Web
    - User modeling and adaptation for the Web
    - Web-based agents
    Submission Instructions
    Interested authors should format their papers according to AAAI
    formatting guidelines. The papers should not exceed 6 pages and are
    due by October 24, 2003. The papers should not identify the author(s)
    in any manner. All submissions will be done electronically via the 
    FLAIRS web submission system, which will be available through the
    conference web site (see the link under General Conference, below).
    Authors should indicate "AI and the Web" as the special track when
    submitting their papers.
    General Conference
    FLAIRS 2004 promises to be an especially exciting conference. Invited
    speakers include Justine Cassell from MIT, Edward Feigenbaum from
    Stanford University, Jim Hendler from the University of Maryland, and
    Tom Mitchell from Carnegie Mellon University. For more information on
    FLAIRS and this year's conference, please see the following web sites:
    FLAIRS: http://www.flairs.com/
    FLAIRS 2004: http://www.flairs.com/flairs2004/
    Important Dates
    - Paper submissions due: October 24, 2003 
    - Notification letters sent: January 7, 2004 
    - Camera ready copy due: February 6, 2004 
    Program Committee
    Larry Birnbaum		Northwestern University
    Stefan Decker		USC ISI
    AnHai Doan		University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Tim Finin		University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    Gary Flake		Overture Services
    Paolo Frasconi		University of Florence
    Lee Giles		Penn State University
    Siegfried Handschuh	University of Karlsruhe
    Pat Hayes		University of West Florida
    Jeff Heflin (chair)	Lehigh University
    Ian Horrocks		University of Manchester
    Eduard Hovy		USC ISI	
    Vipul Kashyap		National Library of Medicine
    Craig Knoblock		USC ISI	
    Nick Kushmerick		University College Dublin
    Marco Maggini		University of Siena
    Dunja Mladenic		J. Stefan Institute
    Ion Muslea		University of California, Irvine
    Natasha Noy		Stanford University
    Bijan Parsia		University of Maryland
    Dragomir Radev		University of Michigan
    Sarah Zelikovitz	College of Staten Island
    Further Information
    Specific questions regarding the AI and the Web track may be addressed
    Jeff Heflin
    Computer Science and Engineering
    Lehigh University
    19 Memorial Drive West
    Bethlehem, PA 18034
    E-mail: jeh3@lehigh.edu
    Phone: 610-758-6533

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