CFP: Workshop on Semantic Web and Databases (colocated with VLDB 2003)

From: Stefan Decker (
Date: 04/14/03

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                       *******CALL FOR PAPERS*******
                                Workshop on
                         Semantic Web and Databases
                          colocated with VLDB 2003
                              Berlin, Germany
                           September 7-8, 2003
               Workshop URL:
    Topics and Content
    The  Semantic  Web is a key initiative being promoted by the World
    Wide  Web  Consortium  (W3C) as the next generation of the current
    web.   Machine-understandable   metadata  is  emerging  as  a  new
    foundation   for   component-based   approaches   to   application
    development.   Within   the   context   of   reusable  distributed
    components,   Web  services  represent  the  latest  architectural
    advancement.  Such  concepts can be synthesized providing powerful
    new  mechanisms  for  quickly  modeling,  creating  and  deploying
    complex  applications  that  readily  adapt  to  real  world need.
    The  objective  of  this  workshop  is  to  present  database  and
    information system research as they relate to the Semantic Web and
    more  broadly, to gain insight into the Semantic Web technology as
    it    relates    to    databases    and    information    systems.
    Topics   of   interest   include   but   are   not   limited   to:
    Infrastructure:  component  models (e.g., J2EE, .NET); distributed
    object-based   architectures;   scalability,   extensibility   and
    robustness  of  applications;  algebras  for modeling and ontology
    management;  creation,  maintenance and versioning of annotations,
    metadata and mappings; tools (including visual tools) for creating
    components  (e.g.,  ontologies,  mappings,  views, etc.); workflow
    systems,  web  services  and quality of service contracts; support
    for negotiation and trust; security; Peer-to-Peer systems.
    Semantics:   conceptual  clustering  and  statistical  approaches;
    social  networks  and  consensus  analysis approaches; information
    analysis  accuracy  (e.g.,  precision,  recall,  false positives);
    ontologies,     conceptual     models,     taxonomies;    semantic
    interoperability  and  integration;  semantic  composition  of web
    services;  view definition and transformations (e.g., global/local
    as  view);  query algebras for combined data and metadata queries;
    semantics-based  query relaxation techniques, loss of information;
    logic  based (centralized and distributed) inferences; intensional
    query answering; emergent semantics.
    Applications:   Semantic  Web  applications  (prototypes,  pilots,
    deployed)  based  on  XML, RDF, and various variants; web services
    based  applications  (prototypes, pilots, deployed) based on WSDL,
    SOAP,  UDDI,  ebXML  and other related standards; natural language
    processing;   Semantics-based   integration  of  data/applications
    within     enterprises;    geographical    information    systems;
    bio-informatics;  business  aspects  for Semantic Web applications
    (e.g.,   return   of  investment,  sustainable  business  models).
    Joint Sessions
    We are aiming at organizing a joint session with the International
    Workshop   On  Databases,  Information  Systems  and  Peer-to-Peer
    Computing      (     about
    "Semantics in P2P Systems".
    Submission and Important Dates
    We invite the submission of short (up to six pages) and long
    papers (up to twenty pages) on:
    *research, focusing on foundational or technological aspects
    *experience, describing industrial aspects
    *position, discussing a wide variety of issues
    The  submitted  papers should be formatted as close as possible to
    the        rules        of        Springer        LNCS        (see,             section
    "Proceedings   and  Other  Multi-author  Volumes"  for  formatting
    Please  submit  documents as HTML, PDF, or Word to Isabel Cruz
    ( and Stefan Decker (
    Submission Deadline: May 15, 2003.
    Notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2003.
    Camera Ready Papers Due: August 13, 2003.
    Workshop:  September 7-8, 2003.
    Workshop Chairs
    Program Committee Chairs
    Isabel Cruz
    University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
    Vipul Kashyap
    National Library of Medicine, NIH, USA
    Proceedings and Publicity Chair
    Stefan Decker
    USC Information Sciences Institute, USA
    Organization Chair
    Rainer Eckstein
    Humboldt University, Germany
    Program Committee
    *Karl Aberer, EPFL, Switzerland
    *Sibel Adali, Rensselaer Polytechnic I., USA
    *Paolo Atzeni, U. Rome Tre, Italy
    *Olivier Bodenreider, NLM, NIH, USA
    *Alex Borgida, Rutgers U., USA
    *Stéphane Bressan, National U. of Singapore
    *Christoph Bussler, Oracle, USA
    *Isabel Cruz, U. of Illinois at Chicago, USA
    *Umesh Dayal, HP Labs, USA
    *Stefan Decker, USC-ISI, USA
    *Max Egenhofer, U. Maine, USA
    *Rainer Eckstein, Humboldt U., Germany
    *Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck, Austria
    *Mary Fernandez, AT&T Labs - Research, USA
    *Susan Gauch, U. Kansas, USA
    *Carole Goble, U. Manchester, UK
    *Rick Hull, Lucent Technology, USA
    *Vipul Kashyap, NLM-NIH, USA
    *Maurizio Lenzerini, U. Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
    *Ling Liu, Georgia Tech, USA
    *Robert Meersman, Vrije U., Belgium
    *John Mylopoulos, U. Toronto, Canada
    *Aris Ouksel, U. Illinois at Chicago, USA
    *Dimitris Plexousakis, U. Crete, Greece
    *Steve Ray, NIST, USA
    *Amit Sheth, U. Georgia and Semagix, USA
    *Surya Sripada, Boeing, USA
    *Munindar Singh, N. Carolina U., USA
    *V.S. Subrahmanian, U. Maryland, USA
    *Rudi Studer, U. Karlsruhe, Germany
    *Ram Sriram, NIST, USA
    *Clement Yu, U. Illinois at Chicago, USA

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