Rules Breakout preliminary agenda for DAML PI Workshop

From: Benjamin Grosof (bgrosof@MIT.EDU)
Date: 04/04/03

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    Hi fellow DAML'ers,
       The Rules Breakout preliminary agenda is below (and also attached as 
    plaintext file for convenience).
       Comments and suggestions are welcome!
         -- E.g., additional topics, or your news.
    Agenda for Rules Breakout at DAML PI Workshop 4/9/03 1300-1600 EDT
                              (preliminary, draft of 4/4/03)
       led by Benjamin Grosof <>
                with assistance from Mike Dean
    o top-level goals for the Breakout:
    - bring folks up to speed generally on latest relevant progress and news,
         e.g., there's lots on relationships to RDF, OWL, Query, W3C
    - share news generally from folks -- e.g., what tools using / making
    - discuss technical issues, e.g., relationships to RDF, OWL, Query, Services
    - set some near-term focus and plans for DAML Rules effort
    o focus areas:
    - requirements, use cases, and language features
    - relationship to RDF, OWL, Query
    - relationship to Services and security
    o overall time allocation:  1/3 presentation, 2/3 discussion
    o 1300-1330 Overall UPDATE on DAML Rules and RuleML
    - 1300-1320 overview presentation
       . Description Logic Programs update; SweetOnto tool
       . RuleML Working Note draft; language features
       . Rules use cases draft in Joint Committee
       . relationship to Query in RDF, and to DQL
           - survey draft
           - use cases drafts
       . news, incl. W3C Plenary, RuleML tools
       . upcoming ISWC Rules Workshop
       . overview of topics and goals for breakout
    - 1320-1330 discussion
       . all share their news
       . how DAML'ers are using rules now
       . agenda refinement
    o 1330-1500 RuleML in relation to RDF and OWL and Query
    - 1330-1400 background presentation
       . *proposed ABSTRACT SYNTAX for RuleML:  approach, examples
          - encoding RuleML syntax in RDF or OWL
          - unorderedness in RDF/OWL vs. orderedness in XML-S, commercial systems
          - object-oriented argument collections in RuleML
       . other topics:
          - rules on top of ontologies, e.g., in SweetDeal
          - Description Logic Programs
          - RDF triples as facts in rules
          - relationship to RDF Query Systems and to DQL
          - querying remote systems via procedural attachments
    - 1400-1430 discussion
       . mixing of RuleML encoded in RDF/OWL   with   use by rules of OWL 
       . Rules expressive features:  which and where are useful
       . scenarios of usage of rules together with RDF Query, DQL
    - 1430-1440 BREAK
    - 1440-1500 discussion, continued
    o 1500-1530 Rules and Services
    - 1500-1510 background presentation
       . rule-based semantic web services: concepts, techniques, and scenarios
       . business processes as starting point; contracts, exception handling
       . *PROCEDURAL ATTACHMENTS:  built-ins, situated logic programs,
                                     Event-Condition-Action (ECA), OPS5/Jess
    - 1510-1530 discussion
    . applications of rules in services and security
    o 1530-1600 Setting Focus and PLANS
    - discussion
       . language features, tools, scenarios
    Prof. Benjamin Grosof
    Web Technologies for E-Commerce, Business Policies, E-Contracting, Rules, 
    XML, Agents, Semantic Web Services
    MIT Sloan School of Management, Information Technology group or

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