RE: Services breakout session (On Behalf of David Martin)

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Date: 04/04/03

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    The agenda is on the password protected website:
    Username:    daml2003
      Password:    damlmiami

     Time  Description  Performer  Organization 
    Tuesday, 8 April 2003 
    0800-0900 Registration/Continental Breakfast      
    0900-0930 Welcome Murray Burke DARPA IXO 
    0930-0945 Administrative Remarks Jack Howard Schafer 
    0945-1045 OWL Tutorial Roger Costello MITRE 
    1045-1100 Break     
    1100-1200 OWL Tutorial Feedback/Discussions Roger Costello MITRE 
    1200-1300 Lunch     
    1300-1345 DAML Experiment GFY03 John Flynn, Mike Dean BBN 
    1345-1400 Joint Committee Update Mike Dean BBN 
    1400-1415 W3C Update TBD   
    1415-1600 Breakout Session Primers     
    1415-1430 DAML Query Richard Fikes Stanford 
    1430-1445 DAML Services David Martin SRI 
    1445-1515 Break     
    1515-1530 DAML Rules Benjamin Grosof MIT 
    1530-1545 DAML Agents Tim Finin UMBC 
    1545-1600 Geospatial Ontology Jerry Hobbs ISI 
    1600-1615 Breakout Session Guidance John Flynn BBN 
    1615-1730 Break/Setup for Demos     
    1730-2030 Demos/Reception     
    Wednesday, 9 April 2003 
    0800-0900 Registration/Continental Breakfast 
    0900-1200 Breakout Session I - Services (D. Martin), Query (Fikes),
    Geospatial (Hobbs) 
      Outreach and Use Cases  Katia Sycara, Mark Burstein
      Security and Services Grit Denker,Katia Sycara
      Language Expressiveness Issues David Martin, Drew McDermott   
    1200-1300 Lunch 
    1300-1600 Breakout Session II - Rules (Grosof), Agents (Finin 
    1600-1700 Break/Reception Set-up 
    1700-1900 Reception/Social Hour 
    Thursday, 10 April 2003 
    0800-0900 Registration/Continental Breakfast     
    0900-0920 Services Breakout Outbrief David Martin SRI 
    0920-0940 Agents Breakout Outbrief Tim Finin UMBC 
    0940-1010 Geospatial Breakout Outbrief Jerry Hobbs ISI 
    1010-1030 Break     
    1030-1050 Rules Breakout Outbrief Benjamin Grosof MIT 
    1050-1120 Query Breakout Outbrief Richard Fikes Stanford 
    1120-1200 Wrap up Comments Murray Burke DARPA IXO 
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    At 07:49 04/04/2003 -0500, Brandon Amundson wrote:
    >Hello DAML-ites -
    >For our breakout session on Services (Wednesday 9:00 AM), the DAML-S 
    >coalition is planning to cover a range of timely topics in 3 
    >sub-sessions, as shown below.
    I assume I will be at this session Brandon and David... but I have yet to 
    see the overview of what we will be doing at the DAML PI meeting on Tuesday 
    through Thursday. See you next week.
    Anyone know what time we start on Tuesday morning? and what time the demo 
    session is Tuesday evening?

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