DAML PI Meeting Breakout Session homework for Query, Inference, and Explanation

From: Deborah McGuinness (dlm@ksl.stanford.edu)
Date: 10/11/02

Greetings!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday in

This message contains a little background information for two breakout
sessions  and a request for input.
I will collect input for two sessions and use any i receive to help
structure the breakouts I am running.

in the agenda posted at:
you can see that there are breakout sessions on a number of topics.
This message pertains to
1) Query and Inference hosted by Pat Hayes and Deborah McGuinness
2) Explanation  hosted by Deborah McGuinness

for Query and Inference,
Background:   some people may find it useful to have read DQL - Daml
Query Language.
The DQL Spec is available from the EU US Joint committee archives at:

Query and Inference Request:
I would like to collect input concerning
a) input from people who have read the dql document and have query
requests that they have trouble representing in DQL
b) input from anyone who has particular query needs that they would like
to have met by a daml query language
c) existing sets of DAML+OIL inference specifications
d) requests for topics to be covered in this breakout session

for Explanation,
Background:  In order for people to trust answers on the semantic web,
they need to understand why
some particular piece of information is believed.  This might be as
simple as the source of told information (such as the population of
country x is y because the CIA worldFactBook (last updated on date z)
says so)
or it may be a complicated deductive process that is the result of an
inference engine used on multiple knowledge bases.
We have begun work on portable explanations for the semantic web.
Background reading is available for interested parties - see -

Explanation Request:
I would like to collect input from anyone who has input concerning:
a) existing semantic web explanation efforts - daml funded or otherwise
b) desires/requirements from a semantic web explanation effort
c) request for topics to be covered in this breakout session.


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