Important Information about the DAML PI Meeting Hotel

From: Trani, Carlos (
Date: 09/27/02



The deadline for the DAML PI Meeting Hotel reservation was September 24,
2002. The hotel has approved an extension until today, September 27.

If you have any problems booking a room please ask for Mrs.. Erin Jones,
Hotel conference manager, or call her at 503-417-3382 . She will be able to
assist you in finding a room today.

After today, the 5th Avenue Suites Hotel will be giving out rooms on a space
availability basis and may be subject to regular room rates.

Carlos L. Trani 
Scientific, Engineer and Technical Assistant (SETA) DARPA DAML & RKF
Schafer Corporation | Technology Management Division 
3811 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 400 
Arlington, Virginia 22203 
Phone: 703-516-6080 <> 




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