DAML Ontology Editor

From: Ian Horrocks (horrocks@cs.man.ac.uk)
Date: 04/12/02

                         OilEd Version 3.4

The University of Manchester Information Management Group are pleased
to announce the latest release of OilEd, an editor for DAML+OIL. OilEd
allows users to build and edit DAML+OIL ontologies, and uses the FaCT
reasoner (http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/fact) to classify concept
hierarchies and perform consistency testing.

This latest release (3.4) shows a number of improvements and
enhancements over the earlier 2.x versions, in particular improved
support for the March 2001 DAML+OIL specification.

For further information and downloads, please visit the OilEd web site:


Any questions about OilEd should be directed to oil-help@cs.man.ac.uk.

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