GAO urges government to adopt XML programming language

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Date: 04/09/02


Interesting but basically opposite spin put on same report mentioned in Mark
Gorniak email titled, “GAO says XML not ready for extensive government use.”


April 5, 2002
GAO urges government to adopt XML programming language
>From National Journal's Technology Daily

The General Accounting Office on Friday recommended that the director of the
Office of Management and Budget, in concert with the Federal CIO Council and
National Institute for Standards and Technology, take steps to expedite the
federal government's adoption of Extensible Markup Language (XML).
XML is a flexible, nonproprietary set of standards designed to facilitate
the exchange of information between disparate computer systems.
Requested by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., the report, "Electronic
Government: Challenges to Effective Adoption of the Extensible Markup
Language," ( GAO-02-327 <> )
assessed the overall development of XML standards to determine if they are
ready for government-wide use.
The report also pinpointed challenges faced by the federal government in
optimizing XML to promote information sharing and system interoperability.
The report calls for private-sector input on the implementation and
development of a plan for expanding the CIO Council's XML efforts into a
government-wide resource.

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