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From: Joseph Coffman (jcoffman@bbn.com)
Date: 11/19/01

>Please accept our apologies for any cross-postings
>Dear all,
>We are pleased to announce the availability of the RQL Interpreter, under
>open-source license. The RDF Query Language Interpreter (RQL), v1.0, is a
>Declarative Language for uniformly querying RDF schemas and resource
>You can download it from:
>RQL v1.0 main features
>-  XML Schema data types (for filtering literal values)
>-  grouping primitives (for constructing nested XML results)
>-  aggregate functions (for extracting statistics)
>-  recursive traversal of class and property hierarchies (for advanced 
>Pushes as much as possible query evaluation to the underlying DBMS
>-  Benefit from robust SQL3 query engines
>-  Extensive use of DB indices
>Provides generic RDF/XML result form
>-  XSL/XSL processing for customized rendering
>Easy to couple with commercial ORDBMSs
>-  RDF Querying APIs (SQL3/C++ functions)
>Easy to integrate with Web Application Servers
>-  C++ or Java drivers to RQL servers
>Easy to learn and use
>-  One day training
>We are looking forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.
>Best regards
>Grigoris Karvounarakis

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