Comparing DAML+OIL, RDF Schema, and XML Schema

From: Yolanda Gil (
Date: 09/07/01

We are making available a comparison table that we created to understand
the tradeoffs and differences among markup languages along common
knowledge representation requirements.  It compares XML Schema,
RDF Schema, and DAML+OIL.  For each dimension of comparison, the
table includes a description of how each language handles that issue and
hyperlinks to examples.

The comparison is available from our project web page
(full path is

We are writing a paper describing this work in detail, as a way for 
other people to
learn about semantic markup languages.  Comments and suggestions will be very
much appreciated!

Yolanda Gil and Varun Ratnakar

   Yolanda Gil
   Senior Research Scientist and Project Leader, USC/ISI
   Research Assistant Professor, USC/CS, (310) 448-8794
   USC Information Sciences Institute
   4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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