FW: Project Summary Update

From: tbelvin(contr-ito) (tbelvin@snap.org)
Date: 06/08/01

FYI ... in case someone was left off this email.

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All AFRL administered contracts,

The project summaries have been updated with the information provided by
Jiffy system.  To preserve the integrity of the information that was
by the database administrator and to allow PIs access to the database
status of each PSUM (project summary) is marked as "rejected to the PI."
The remaining data that is needed to complete the PSUM submission needs
be posted to the website by each PI. Everything that is on the Jiffy
has been entered for you.  When you enter the remaining data that is
the status of the PSUM will change to submitted.    

Please remember the deadline for PSUM submissions is 15 July.  That is
approximately a month away!

Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Thank you,

Tamera R. Belvin
Digital Systems International Corp.
ph: 703-486-4660
fx: 703-521-2785

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