From: jhendler (
Date: 02/28/01

Call for DAML 1-year Intent of Work Submissions  
(Required of ALL funded PIs for continued funding) 
Due Monday, March 19 


As discussed at the DAML winter PI meeting, I am asking for a short write up
(2-3 pages) describing your Intent of Work (IOW) over the course of the next
year. You are reminded that the IOW statements should be written so that
they still fall within your contractual Statements of Works (SOW), but let
me be very clear -- I am not looking for a simple rewording of the SOW - I
want to know what I should be expecting from your project. 

In general what I am looking for is to move beyond the Homework assignments
and start to show your ability to develop technologies with significant
research innovation.  Remember the goals of our program: Show the power of
explicit semantics on the web, develop "lifecycle" descriptions for critical
applications and infrastructural components of the semantic web, show how
non-web-based resources can be linked into the whole using explicit
semantics.  As stated at the meeting, it is expected that you will be either
working with other DAML projects or working with a particular military

Please note - for all the tools you are developing, the questions I will ask
you (repeatedly) is "who are the intended users?" "What are their
motivations for using your tool?" and "What knowledge must they have to be
able to accomplish this."  --  please note that their may be different users
of different levels (i.e."a web designer would use this to design pages, a
random web user would then be able to use those pages to do XXX").   I
really do care about he motivation issue -- if no one would use this, then
why should I fund it?? 

Your submission should clearly describe: 
1. What is the technical goal/accomplishment you are hoping to achieve? 
2. Who are you grouping with in the DAML program and/or who is the intended
military user? 
3. Who is the intended user of what you are developing, and why would he/she
use it (i.e. the "lifecycle" thing)?  
4. What do you think the next logical step will be in the 1-2 years after?. 

Once we have all the submissions, an announcement will be made and they will
be available on (on the private side).   

You are welcome to work with other projects, and for several PIs to submit a
joint paper, but please be sure to CLEARLY specify which projects are doing
this as their primary involvement in DAML (and which others may also be

All submissions must be in PDF or Word (.doc) format 

Please send your submission (or questions about submissions) to: 
Brad Harris  (bharris@ 
Dr. James Hendler 
Chief Scientist, DARPA/ISO	703-696-2238 (phone) 
3701 N. Fairfax Dr.		703-696-2201 (Fax) 
Arlington, VA 22203 

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