collected homework 1, DAML Viewer

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 11/17/00

We've collected the results of Homework Assignment 1
(totalling about 10,000 statements) into aggregate .daml
files available for download.  [1] contains one file for
each ontology and/or group, as well as [2] which contains
the union of all of the other files.

A few files are currently incomplete due to syntax errors,
etc. -- we'll be contacting those groups and updating the

All of the statements are reified with the source URI from
which they came and a timestamp (see [3]).

[4] contains a "directory" of (most of) the projects and
people mentioned in the homework results.

We've also developed a DAML Viewer [5], which can be used to
view all of the Resources referenced within a .daml file and
the statements made about them.  You may find it interesting
to open DAML Viewer on [2] and then select the directory








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