DAML Homework Assignment 2: DAML Queries/Life Cycle

Due: Friday, 15 December 2000

This assignment is intended to get everyone thinking about the portions of the DAML "life cycle" beyond ontology and content creation.

  1. Start with the collected results of homework assignment 1, augmented, if desired, by hypothetical DAML repositories of your own choosing.
  2. Propose 5 queries of roughly increasing complexity that might be performed on any or all these data sets. Queries can be expressed in English, predicate calculus, and/or other suitable representations.
  3. Describe how you would expect these queries to be implemented. Identify the major DAML software components and sketch (in text, HTML, PowerPoint, GIF, or JPEG) the control and data flow among them. Your solution may address some or all of the following topics Consider how this could be accomplished if some of the DAML content was sensitive information stored on multiple WWW sites protected by passwords and/or certificates. You may or may not have access to all of the data.
  4. Extra Credit: Develop software to implement any or all of 3.
  5. Based on your architectural sketch in 3, propose any new entries to be added to the Tools Wishlist.
  6. Discuss any lessons learned or insights gained from this assignment.
  7. Post the homework results on your public project page, and send the URL to webmaster@daml.org.

A third homework assignment will be assigned in December and due on February 1, shortly before the DAML Workshop in DC.

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