DAML Homework Assignment 1 "Quick Look"

*DRAFT* version, still under development

This page presents an initial look at the DAML ontologies and content pages developed by DAML program participants for DAML Homework Assignment 1.

A summary of all pages is available here. All submitted ontologies have been added to the DAML Ontology Library.


50 ontologies submitted to date (3 groups haven't submitted yet). Those ontologies define 646+ classes and 812+ properties (several ontologies don't parse yet using RDF API -- I'm contacting those groups).

45 content roots were submitted.

About 10,000 DAML statements were submitted.

Use of Language Features

Key Mechanisms Used

Key issues that had to be addressed by each group included naming and linking.

Examples of naming are available in the DAML Project Directory.

Lessons Learned

The following issues were addressed by 2 or more of the groups in their lessons learned:

Emerging Best Practices


This section lists errors and other problems found in the submissions. The intent is not to critize, but to highlight potential mis-understandings and/or deficiences in the current DAML language.

Other Issues


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