Interface DynamicStore

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DynamicSourceStoreMem, DynamicStoreMem

public interface DynamicStore
extends com.hp.hpl.mesa.rdf.jena.common.Store

Interface to a triple store that dynamically loads resources as needed.

Method Summary
 boolean dynamicLoad()
          Returns true if dynamic loading is enabled.
 DynamicModel getModel()
          Return the model for this store.
 boolean setDynamicLoad(boolean dynamicp)
          Enable or disable dynamic loading.
 void setModel(DynamicModel model)
          Set the model for this store.
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Method Detail


public boolean setDynamicLoad(boolean dynamicp)
Enable or disable dynamic loading. The dynamicStore must have a model in order to enable dynamic loading.


public boolean dynamicLoad()
Returns true if dynamic loading is enabled.


public void setModel(DynamicModel model)
Set the model for this store. The model is used to execute the dynamic loading.


public DynamicModel getModel()
Return the model for this store.