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Jena 1.6.1 Location Modification

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This is a modification of the Jena 1.6.1 API that captures location information during parsing. Because the changes required modifications to the source code this modification replaces jena.jar


As the RDF parser (ARP) parses an RDF, DAML, or OWL file, it generates a set of statements that are stored in a Jena Model. During this process a Location object is created that contains the source, line number, and column number for each statement. I have added the method getLocation() to Statement to provide access to the location information. A new add method has been added to ModelCon that takes a Location.

The modified source files are available for download below. The zip file contains just the modified files. I have preserved the directory structure in case you want to patch the Jena 1.6.1 src directory via the unzipping process.


Code Changes

Modifications to ARP/Jena toolkit to add location information (line, column, source file) from ARP to RDF Statements in Jena.



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