Dagstuhl Seminar 02061: Rule Markup Techniques for the Semantic Web

4 - 7 February 2002
Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany

Monday, 4 February 2002
0900-1215 Introductions
0900-1015   Introduction of participants; introduction by organizers
1015-1030   Coffee/Tea
1030-1130   Pitfalls and Practicalities of Reasoning on the Web Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C
1130-1215   On the Role of Rule Markup Techniques in Ontology-based Knowledge Management Nenad Stojanovic, Universität Karlsruhe
1215-1345 Lunch
1345-1515 Fuzziness and Ontologies
1345-1430   Arguments and Misunderstandings: A Fuzzy Approach to Conflict Resolution in Open Systems Michael Schroeder, City University - London
1430-1515   Decomposing Ontology into an Ontology Base and its Interpretation Layer Mustafa Jarrar, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
1515-1545 Coffee/Tea
1545-1800 Ontology Principles
1545-1645   The Project GOL: A Generic Ontological Language Heinrich Herre, Universität Leipzig
1645-1700   Discussion on Ontology Principles
1700-1800   Ontology Reconciliation Leon Sterling, University of Melbourne
1800-1930 Dinner
1930-2015 OntoWeb News Dieter Fensel, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
2015-2030 Current and planned rule projects Jan Maluszynski, Linköping University
2030-2045 ISTEC Workshops Bruce E. Spencer, University of New Brunswick at Fredericton

Thursday, 7 February 2002
0900-1215 Description Logics, Rules, and Information Integration
0900-1000   Axioms and Rules Ian Horrocks, University of Manchester
1000-1015   Coffee/Tea
1015-1115   Information Integration in the Semantic Web Maurizio Lenzerini, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
1115-1130   Discussion on Description Logics and Rules
1130-1215   XML Data Integration using XPathLog and LoPiX Wolfgang May, Universität Freiburg
1215-1345 Lunch
1345-1515 Mathematics, XML, and Semistructured Data
1345-1430   Semantic Representation of Math Content Paul Libbrecht, Universität Saarbrücken
1430-1515   Towards a Declarative Query-Answering of XML and Semistructured Data François Bry, Universität München
1515-1545 Coffee/Tea
1545-1800 DAML, Rules, and XML
1545-1630   Rules for Efficient XPath Evaluation Dan-Alexandru Olteanu, Universität München
1630-1715   DAML Demo Mike Dean, BBN Technologies / Verizon
1715-1800   A Rule-based Language for Querying and Transforming Sebastian Schaffert, Universität München
1800-1930 Dinner
1930-2015 TRIPLE: A Query, Inference, and Transformation Language for the Semantic Web Stefan Decker, Stanford University
2015-2045 Open discussion on possible projects

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