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Dynamic DAML Retrieval

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Existing DAML applications generally retrieve one or more DAML pages ahead of time and then process them. The use of URIs to name DAML+OIL instances offers the opportunity to retrieve them dynamically, as they are needed. This page describes a Jena model and a simple viewer designed to exercise and demonstrate this capability.


org.daml.jena.DynamicModel is a wrapper around an existing Jena org.hp.hpl.mesa.rdf.jena.model.Model that traps methods such as Resource.listStatements and causes the page indicated in the subject URI to be loaded if it hasn't been loaded already.

org.daml.jena.DynamicViewer is a simplified version of the DAML/RDF Viewer that dynamically queries an underlying Jena model whenever the statements for a given subject are viewed.


The following files are available for download:
implements a Jena model where resources are retrieved as references
provides a simple viewer for DynamicModel and other Jena models
prompts the user for a password when accessing password-protected pages.

Possible Future Directions


Mike Dean
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