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DAML Baseball Ontology

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baseball-ont is an ontology for describing baseball teams, players, games, and plays. It was developed as demonstration and training material in an application domain generally understood by U.S. audiences. See here for an example.


The basic approach is to have an ordered sequence of events extending from the team, to the game, to innings, to individual pitches, swings, and plays. No aggregation (league standings, box scores, statistics, etc.) is done in this ontology; it's expected that properties from a baseball aggregation ontology could be added to the classes defined in this ontology.


This ontology was developed using OilEd 2.2a. baseball.rdfs is the actual OIL-in-RDFS source; baseball-ont.daml was exported from OilEd.

Some instances have been created using Ontomat.

A UML representation of this ontology, produced using DUET, is available here.

Related Work

After developing this ontology, we became aware of existing tools such as TurboStats ScoreKeeper (which fans can beam into their Palm devices from kiosks at Pacific Bell stadium) and TurboStats. Relevant material may also be available from the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).


Mike Dean
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