BBN Technologies Intent of Work (IOW) For 2001


1.0 WWW: 15 Percent

1.1 Maintain web site

1.2 Add WWW query interface to DAML Crawler cache

Collaborator: Teknowledge, Palo Alto

1.3 Provide DAML versions of Ontology Library, Crawler results, tools, site statistics, etc.

1.4 Use WebScripter for reports (e.g., Ontology Library and Crawler statistics)

Collaborator: ISI


2.0 Lab: 10 Percent

2.1 Maintain DAML Lab

2.2 Install various demonstrations in Lab as they become robust enough to stand alone


3.0 Software development - tools and demos: 20 Percent

3.1 Develop DAML Validator

Deliverable: beta release - 2001-04-15

3.2 Continue development of PalmDAML

Deliverable: hardened release - 2001-04-01

3.3 Serve as "earliest adopter" in testing and using DAML-developed technologies


4.0 Commitees: 10 Percent

4.1 Joint DAML Language Committee: chair, record and participate

4.2 Participate in RDF Core Working Group


5.0 Meetings: 10 Percent

5.1 DII COE SSD-MD (XML) subpanel meeting: 2001-04-26

5.2 AFCEA Information Superiority Workshop: 2001-06-12

Deliverable: PowerPoint presentation: 2001-05-05

5.3 Help plan and coordinate August DAML PI meeting


6.0 Transition: 20 Percent

6.1 Operate

Collaborators: various experts, as needed

6.2 Develop DAML FAQ and other WWW-based training materials

Collaborators: Joint Committee, various experts, as needed

6.3 Develop a proof-of-concept interface to CALL DB, using the CALL Thesaurus, UJTL, and/or Mike Dean's operations ontology.

Collaborators: CALL, DRC and Pete Haglich

6.4 Coordinate with Horus developers

Collaborators: BBN, Sterling, ISX

6.5 Explore use of DAML in the representation of military deployment information - with an initial focus on geo-location. There is a very large user community for this information and previous solution attempts at consolidating the relationships between various representations of geo-location information have not been successful.

Collaborators: US Transportation Command, Joint Staff

6.6 Explore use of DAML as an adjunct to the HR-XML Consortium XML resume schema. Addition of a DAML resume ontology could add a rich relationship expressiveness to augment the existing XML resume schema. Active Templates GUI could be used to provide a template for the combined XML and DAML markup of instances of resumes.


7.0 Management: 5 Percent

7.1 Project planning, manpower management, tracking and reporting.


8.0 Reserve: 10 Percent

8.1 Respond to new ideas and opportunities as they arise.